Children’s Milestones

Children’s Milestones

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Marking faith milestones from birth to graduation by naming, blessing, equipping, and gifting families for each faith step is central to the spiritual growth of our families. Passing on the Christian faith to others involves the work of the Holy Spirit to give birth to a trust and confidence in the creative, redeeming, and renewing power of God for us and creation. By marking milestones, we can better “Tend the Baptismal Journey” through all the ages and stages of a life centered in Christ.

Birth and Baptism

Children baptized at St. Stephens receive a baptismal candle to celebrate this first step of our faith journey with great joy!

First Communion

First Graders receive instruction before they receive their first Holy Communion. Older children who have not received instruction before are also invited to participate. Pastor Landers leads a session with students and parents to learn about this sacrament of the church.

3rd Grade Bibles

Third graders receive a NRSV Bible. Pastor Landers has several sessions with the students and their parents. Bible basics are taught, and children are taught how to use their Bibles for reference and devotional purposes.

Kids and Money

Fourth graders and their families explore how all we have is a gift from God and how we honor God by giving back of our time, talents and resources. Sharing, saving and spending are all important lessons to be learned by kids and parents alike.


After completing two years of confirmation instruction, students are confirmed in the Christian faith through the Service of Affirmation of Baptism.  Students make a commitment to the Christian faith and their intent to live lives of service to God.